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Become a Game Master

Game Master Rules

Being a GM for Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events isn’t all that different from running a regular campaign, with a few caveats. This chapter assumes you’ve already read the previous chapters of this guide, which covers everything players need to know to participate in a campaign. If you haven’t read them, please do so before continuing. You need to know what the players know; what their expectations are; and how characters are created, played, and advanced, before you start reading about GM rules.

What is a Game Master?

A Game Master, or GM for short, is a person who controls the elements of the world and story that the players explore. They’re also responsible for adjudicating the rules. As a GM for Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events, your role is to provide a fun and fair game for everyone involved.

You’ll also need to help your players fill out paperwork, make sure everyone has accurate accounting for their player character (PC), and report the results of each game online:  Click Here

Game Masters are also often referred to as Dungeon Masters or DMs in other roleplaying game settings.

Who Can Be a Game Master?

Anyone who’s experienced with the rules and backstory of the game, and who has a creative mind, can fill the role of a Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events Game Master. There are no tests to pass to qualify to GM, nor are there any rating systems where you’d be judged or ranked by your players.

Some players are hesitant to take on the role of GM, but a larger pool of Game Masters actually benefits both local groups and the campaign as a whole. With more active GMs, coordinators can offer more tables, and the Organized Play can grow faster.

If you’re a new GM, players at your table can help offer guidance and build up your skills and confidence. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t be afraid to step up and get behind the screen. Being a GM can be even more fun than playing the game, and it offers a unique opportunity to show off your creativity and inventiveness.

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Steps of a Game Master

The intent of Legends of the Galaxy is to give players and GMs all the tools they need to create their own roleplaying adventures in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. If you are looking to join the ranks of our Game Masters and create your own Legends of the Galaxy game feel free to use this website to schedule your events, find players, and have helpful cheat sheets and tools to make it easy to start or run a game.

    Step 1: Read the Rules for Play - In order to run a Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy RPG Event it is expected that you know how to play the Star Wars Roleplaying games Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion & Force and Destiny by Fantasy Flight Games. As a Game Master you must have a basic concept of the RPG rules. In addition Legends of the Galaxy has it's own Organized Play rules. Before you run a Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Event it is expected that you know these rules. Learn more -  Click Here

    Step 2: Schedule an Event - If you want an event added to the Events calendar simply Contact the Baron and he will add your event to the calendar. To Schedule an Event -  Click Here

      Adventures - You don't have to run adventures in any particular order. The order listed under the Adventure Timeline is a suggestion. It is also encouraged for a GM write their own adventures. You can also take advantage of the Adventure Hooks and follow-up adventure hooks listed in all of the Fantasy Flight Games RPG books. If you wrote your own adventure, feel free to submit your adventure idea in the discussion board. If liked by the Baron, he will pick it up and post it in the Adventure download section of Legends of the Galaxy. Learn More -  Click Here

      Overarching Theme - In Season 1 of Legends of the Galaxy we are focusing on several themes. In Edge of the Empire our HEROES will be dealing with a Hutt Turf War. In Age of Rebellion our HEROES must locate a new Rebel Base to call home, and in Force & Destiny our HEROES are working with the Church of the Force to uncover lost Force artifacts and knowledge. GMs are encouraged to add elements to adventures to help strengthen these themes. Learn more about Season One of Legends of the Galaxy -  Click Here

    Step 3: Run your Legends of the Galaxy Event - Now that you have scheduled your Legends of the Galaxy Event head on over to your favorite local game shop and run your event. Legends of the Galaxy has a Run of Show guide to help new Game Masters with running their own event. By following the Run of Show our Game Masters will create a similar experience for players no matter who's game table they sit down to play at -  Click Here

    Step 4: Adventure Reporting - If you want the results of your adventure to influence the overall story of Legends of the Galaxy be sure to submit your Adventure Results. Tell us who your players were, what were the major decisions or events that occurred and based on their decisions where you think they can go next. To report your adventures -  Click Here

      GM Legendary Awards Program - We at Legends of the Galaxy look to reward you for running your own Legends of the Galaxy Events. Each time you run an event and report the results adding to the story of our Organized Play you earn credit towards our GM Legendary Awards Program. To learn more -  Click Here

    Step 5: Submit your own Adventures - Step 5 is actually a bonus step and not required. However it does help our community grow as a whole. As a Community Driven Organized Play we rely on the community to help contribute for us to grow. Game Masters from all around the world can submit story ideas and adventure write ups. The Adventures we like we share with the community and include in the stories of Legends of the Galaxy. If you are creating and wish to submit an adventure -  Click Here

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