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Become a Player Character in Legends of the Galaxy 

Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy is a roleplaying community trying to help Players like yourself find exciting rpg games at a local hobby shop near you. If you are ready to Experience Adventure and Excitement in a Galaxy Far, Far Away then follow the simple steps below to take your first steps into a larger world....

    Step 1: Read the Rules for Organized Play - Legends of the Galaxy plays the Roleplaying game Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion & Force and Destiny by Fantasy Flight Games. It is expected that a Game Master has a basic concept of the rules. In addition Legends of the Galaxy has it's own Organized Play rules. Before you run a Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Event it is expected that you know these rules. Learn more - Click Here

    Step 2: Create a Character - Purchase any of the Star Wars RPG Core rulebooks by Fantasy Flight Games and create an RPG Character using the Star Wars Character Creation Rules for  Edge of the Empire Age of Rebellion , or  Force and Destiny . All players begin play with either Obligation or Duty. If you are Force Sensitive you also begin play with Morality. Feel free to use the  OggDude Character Generator  to create your character in a Galaxy Far, Far Away....

    Step 3: Choose a Faction - Legends of the Galaxy is offering factional play for players to experience. At character creation you can select a faction and tie your starting obligation or duty to that faction. This will allow GMs to trigger special story elements should your obligation or duty trigger. If you are a force sensitive character you may also select a force tradition. Plus you will be able to download your contact out of the contacts gallery. To learn more about Factions -  Click Here

    Step 4: Post your Character Online - A fun way to announce your character to the Legends of the Galaxy Community is to post your character in our Discussion Board. This allows you to create your own user handle for other players and game masters to get in contact with you. To post your character -  Click Here

    Step 5: Print off an Adventure Log - It is important for character advancement that you have a copy of the Adventure Log readily available. Print off your Adventure Log and get ready to experience adventure and excitement. - To print an adventure log -  Click Here

    Step 6: Find a Local Event - Finally you are ready to play in Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy Community Driven Roleplaying Experience. Check out our Event Calendar and find an adventure at your favorite local game shop today -  Click Here

Be sure to check out our other great tools in the Player Tool box. -  Click Here

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