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Edge S1 A1 Jewel of Yavin Act 1 Odd...

The Jewel of Yavin - Act 1: Odds and Opportunity


Scrape together a crew and prepare for the heist of a lifetime in The Jewel of Yavin, a ninety page adventure supplement for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™.Set in Bespin’s Cloud City, The Jewel of Yavin includes plenty of opportunities for all characters to shine as they work to steal the priceless corusca gem.Game Masters will find the Cloud City gazetteer section especially useful, both for running The Jewel of Yavin adventure and for basing their own Edge of the Empire campaigns on the floating city. The section features over a dozen pages of material detailing locations in the plaza district, Port Town, and the industrial levels.

Odds and Opportunity is the first adventure in the Edge of the Empire storyline.  This adventure was created by Fantasy Flight Games and is available for purchase.  Click Here to get your copy today

How to introduce your characters:

The Jewel of Yavin - Act 1: Odds and Opportunities acts as the opening adventure for the Edge of the Empire storyline in Legends of the Galaxy.  To make this adventure fit into Legends of the Galaxy the Game Master should begin the adventure with the PCs on the planet of Takodana at Maz Kanata's Castle.  The PCs are there looking for work.  The GM should explain to the PCs that Maz Kanata has a few rules.  1) Anyone who comes to Maz's castle will be provided with 1 free meal and 1 free nights stay.  2) There will be no fighting while at Maz's castle.  Maz's castle is neutral ground.  Even enemies may come here to share a drink.  3) Any business dealings must gain Maz's seal of approval before than can go into effect.

Maz will introduce to PCs to a shadowy figure.  A Kel dor draped in a dark cloak putting shadow on his face.  He speaks in a booming deep tone.  He is, THE BARON.  The Baron will act as the PCs primary contact throughout the Legends of the Galaxy Storyline.  In the Jewel of Yavin Adventure Series the BARON wants the PCs to travel to Cloud City and perform the Jewel Heist for Aren Shen.  However, the BARON needs the Jewel of Yavin for funding his own enterprises and he instructs the PCs to double cross Aren Shen and to steal the Jewel for himself.  Furthermore, the BARON runs an intelligence network.  So any information that can benefit the BARON would be useful.  The baron seeks intelligence on underworld figures, Imperial activities, and information on people, artifacts, or locations related to the FORCE.

If the PCs agree to work with THE BARON he will assist them with reducing their obligations.  THE BARON will further promise that if they continue to work with him, the PCs will see promise and reward beyond what they can imagine.  This will award the PCs THE BARON as a contact.  During any adventure a PC can always flip a light side destiny token to all upon THE BARON for helpful insight and guidance with completing any Adventure.

Ways to expand the adventure:

When the PCs go to investigate the Museum please note that one of the exhibits in the Museum is that of an ancient Jedi Temple known as the Dawn Temple.  This is a great way to foreshadow and setup the Force and Destiny storyline of Legends of the Galaxy.  It is how THE BARON first learns of the temple and in turn sends his ally Hethan Romund to investigate.  

Furthermore, if the PCs slight Kaltho the Hutt in any way note this on the adventure log as it can come into play during the Hutt Turf War in Future Stories of Legends of the Galaxy.

Odds and Opportunity Story Rewards

Story Element Reward
Betrayl What is the PCs relationship with Aren Shen and did the PCs convinced Aris Shen to turn on her Father in the end?
Heist Homework This is where you note the details of what the PCs did during their investigation.  Tell us about what they learned when investigating the Museum?  Did they obtain a set of schematics of Cloud City?  Did they learn anything about the Security Team? Did they setup a slice shop?  Which of the Bidders did they investigate and what did they learn?
The Cloud City Gran Prix Tell us about the modifications the PCs made to their cloud car and where did they place in the race.
The BARON Bonus Objective Did the PCs discover the existence of the Dawn Temple and did they report this intelligence to THE BARON.

XP Rewards

Exploring the Museum and researching the Jewel Security 5-10 xp
Completing a Computer spike, sampling encryption, and preparing for the slice 5-10 xp
Investigating the auction bidders 5 xp
Successfully sabotaging or otherwise eliminating rival pilots prior to the race 10 xp
Coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the Cloud City Grand Prix 15, 10, or 5 xp respectively

Equipment Rewards


Contacts / Recurring Enemies:


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