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Game Master Legendary Awards

GM Legendary Awards

In Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events, we reward GMs for volunteering their time to run Adventures. Any GM who runs a scenario and reports the adventure gets full credit for that scenario, which can be applied to one of his or her characters or his GM score. Reporting

“Full credit” means the GM gets the following:

  • 10 XP for the scenario to be applied to a character of their choice - Please note which character you are applying it towards when logging your adventures
  • Any special boons, such as free gear, contacts, or story rewards. If the Game Master has played this scenario more than once they can only apply the adventure results towards one character. If they have multiple adventure logs they are free to either apply it to another character or choose which adventure log to apply and discard the other adventure log as not active.
  • The GM does not get a Day Job check
  • GM Legendary Awards

GM Legendary Awards

Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Experience Events offers a unique GM ranking system. This helps encourage more reporting from GMs and event coordinators, along with offering “bragging rights” for accomplished GMs.

The ranking system uses stars to signify a GM’s experience and activity. Our team tracks your Legendary Awards based on the Adventures that you’ve reported. You can earn up to 4 Awards, as follows:

  • 25 sessions reported as a GM = 1 Legendary Award
  • 50 sessions reported as a GM = 2 Legendary Award
  • 75 sessions reported as a GM = 3 Legendary Award
  • 100 sessions reported as a GM = 4 Legendary Award

There’s also a fifth Legendary Award. To be eligible for this elite status, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Run a total of 150 Legends of the Galaxy game sessions, including:
    • At least 50 different adventures
    • Event Coordinate 10 or more Special or Exclusive Events
  • Submit at least one adventure you’ve created to the Legends of the Galaxy team. -  Submit an Adventure Here

Each time you earn a Legendary Award, you’ll be contacted by the Legends of the Galaxy Staff. You’ll be sent a GM Legendary Reward. For example a free rpg supplement of your choice.

The terms and conditions of GM Legendary Awards can be changed or revoked any time, depending on the support or lack of support from the community. If you want to donate and help fun the GM Legendary Awards program to help encourage GMs to continue to host events you can do so as part of our Patreon program.

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