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Last Updated 9/25/2017

Legends of the Galaxy is not partnered with, endorsed by, and in no way affiliated with the | OggDude Character Generator | Fantasy Flight Games | Asmodee North America | Lucasfilm LTD | Disney.  © 2017 All Rights Reserved.  Ownership of the character generator, gm tools, all branding, and images belongs to the owner of copyright. This page was created as a helpful download page for fans of the OggDude Character Generator to easily access to download the latest version of the OggDude Character Generator. Special Thanks to OggDude for creating an amazing community resource and tool.

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I wanted to invite everyone in the Star Wars RPG Community who is a fan of the OggDude Generator to donate to OggDude, any amount would be appreciated, as a special thank you to him for all of the hard work that he has put into creating this amazing tool and resource for the Star Wars RPG Community.

Latest Release

Last Updated 9/25/2017


New/Changed Data:

  • Added all new information from the "Disciples of Harmony" source book, including backgrounds, motivations, species, specializations, signature abilities, weapons, armor, gear, lightsaber crystals and other attachments, and vehicles.
  • Added all droids from "Disciples of Harmony" to the "Imports" directory.
  • Low-Friction Coating attachment had the wrong price and rarity.  This has been fixed.
  • The Reconstruct the Scene talent was marked as a Force talent.  Since it appears in a new Bounty Hunter specialization, this is incorrect.  It is no longer a Force talent.
  • Armored Robes had incorrect encumbrance.  It is now 5.
  • Added the "Portable Gunnery" category to the following weapons:  Heavy Repeating Blaster, HOB Heavy Repeating Blaster, VX "Sidewinder" Repeating Blaster, and CZ-28 Flamestrike.
  • Stun Baton was incorrectly set to 2 damage.  It is now set to +2 damage.
  • Modified the Mk III Modular Backpack attachment to add 1 encumbrance for its base mod (1 pouch), plus 5 optional +1 encumbrance mods.  This can give a total of +8 encumbrance.
  • Fixed some issues with the Racer specialization.
  • Fixed misspelling of the Inquisitor's "Imperial Valor" ability.
  • The Galven Pattern Resequencing attachment had a mod for adding two threats, but it didn't actually add them to the dice pool.  It does now.
  • Fixed stats for Low-Friction Coating attachment.
  • Fixed stats for Quick Shed attachment.
  • Fixed stats for Reactive Plating attachment.
  • The DH-17 Blaster Carbine did not have any categories.  It now has the proper categories.
  • The Well Traveled talent's name was misspelled.  This has been fixed.
  • In the Crafting dialog, the Blunt Weapon template was incorrectly set to using the Brawl skill.  It is now correctly set to Melee.
  • Removed the Linked quality from the Reciprocating Quad Blaster Cannon.

New Features/Enhancements:

  • All changes to items from talents are now applied to all appropriate items, regardless of whether or not they are held or equipped.  This is so you can show unequipped or even unheld weapons on the front of the character sheet and they'll be fully modded.
  • Adversaries can now use weapons that are built-into other items.
  • Changed die modifiers to include adding/removing dice or symbols based on a skill's characteristic.  Also, in the die modifier control (found mainly in the data editor), both skill types and characteristics are now at the end of the skill list, since both are used less than skills.
  • In the Data Editor, species may now provide an adjustment to its encumbrance threshold.  This is to support the Cosian species from Disciples of Harmony.
  • When purchasing a specialization, career specs will now be displayed without their corresponding career, since they belong to the same career as the current character.  For other selections, all careers containing the specialization will now be displayed in parentheses, rather than just one.
  • Made a change to "Alternative Defense Calculation" option.  Base defense from armor is now treated separately from bonus defense and does not stack if you have multiple pieces of armor (only the highest is used).  Other sources of defense that "add to" or "increase" ranged or melee defense are then added, regardless of where they come from.  This method more closely duplicates how most people had originally interpreted the defense rules.

Bug Fixes:

  • When printing a group sheet from GM Tools, selecting or deselecting a character from the group in the initial print dialog did nothing.  It will now properly select or deselect characters.
  • When career/specialization was changed in the generator, it would not update the species non-career grid (if human).  This could caused incorrect skills to be listed in the non-career grid.  The species panel is now updated whenever the career/specialization is changed.
  • On group sheets, lists that continued onto a new page would sometimes get their labels and text reset.  For instance, a duty chart, continued onto another page, would have an "Obligation" header instead.  This was due to initializing the control before adding it to the print form.  These controls are now initialized after adding them to the print form.
  • Fixed an issue in adversaries where a skill bonus added by an item would cause a crash if the adversary does not have that skill.  The bonus will be ignored until the adversary is given the skill.
  • When printing group sheets from GM Tools, in certain situations, pages were not being added.  This has been fixed.
  • When printing vehicle sheets from GM Tools, in certain situations, pages were not being added.  This has been fixed.
  • If a character is granted a free unranked talent through GM Grants, and then the talent comes up in a specialization, the spec talent is correctly auto-selected, but it costs XP.  It will now check to see if a free talent already exists, and if so, it will no longer deduct XP for the auto-selection.
  • In the Data Editor, when editing specializations, changes to career skills did not always work.  This has been fixed.
  • If a Force specialization was purchased and a lightsaber technique selected, the "Choose Skill Char" button appears at the top.  However, if the specialization is removed, the button was still being displayed.  I now check for this condition when a specialization changes, rather than just a talent change, so the button will properly disappear.
  • There were a couple of places in code where [REMTHREAT] was being used instead of the proper [CANTHREAT].  This has been fixed.
  • In the Data Editor, the right-side help list had a couple of incorrect tags.  These have been fixed.
  • In the Crafting dialog, if an improvement added a mod, it would normally add the mod count to the item, or increase it by 1 if the mod already existed.  When adding weapon qualities in this way (such as with Awkward Grip and Unwieldy), it would not find the existing quality because it only looked in base mods.  If the item is a weapon and a mod can't be found in base mods, it will now also look in the existing qualities list as well.
  • For Reports in GM Tools, due to the complexities of some of the objects, a property could possibly be an descentant of itself.  This would cause a circular reference which would, in turn, cause the application to freeze and eventually get a "stack overflow" or "out of memory" error.  The property generator will now check for circular references and, if found, will end the tree at the descendant.
  • For Reports in GM Tools, fixed an issue that could arise where columns on page 2 would not find their property in the property combo box.  This was due to multiple instances of the same type being in the property list.  Now, only the proper types are used to define the columns.
  • Species weapon modifiers (such as Trandoshan claws) were being applied twice in the equipment pane.  This caused incorrect damage values when changing species.  This has been corrected.
  • When purchasing Force powers, if the base power costs 5 XP or less, the mentor discount no longer has any affect.  According to devs, the mentor discount cannot make a power or upgrade cost no XP.
  • When a string setting was saved for the first time, it would ignore the default value.  This has been fixed.
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