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Legends of the Galaxy is not partnered with, endorsed by, and in no way affiliated with the | OggDude Character Generator | Fantasy Flight Games | Asmodee North America | Lucasfilm LTD | Disney.  © 2017 All Rights Reserved.  Ownership of the character generator, gm tools, all branding, and images belongs to the owner of copyright. This page was created as a helpful download page for fans of the OggDude Character Generator to easily access to download the latest version of the OggDude Character Generator. Special Thanks to OggDude for creating an amazing community resource and tool.

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I wanted to invite everyone in the Star Wars RPG Community who is a fan of the OggDude Generator to donate to OggDude, any amount would be appreciated, as a special thank you to him for all of the hard work that he has put into creating this amazing tool and resource for the Star Wars RPG Community.

Latest Release



New/Changed Data:

  • Added all adversaries, encounters, and stock vehicles to "Imports" from the "Friends Like These" adventure module.
  • Added equipment and vehicles from the "Friends Like These" adventure module.
  • Added named weapons from adversaries found in "Friends Like These", such as the GHOVOR-22 Blaster Pistol and GALAAR-15 Blaster Carbine.  Because they are found only on adversaries, certain values, such as rarity and price, needed to be estimated for these items.
  • The Floating Fortress in "Friends Like These" is significantly different from the HAVr A9 Floating Fortress from "Forged in Battle".  Therefore, it has been added again as "Imperial Floating Fortress".
  • The Zygerrian freighter from "Friends Like These" has been added twice, once as "Aurore-Class Freighter" and again as "YV-865 Freighter".  The only difference is that the YV-865 does not have the grappling turrets.
  • Unmatched Devastation was misspelled.  If this signature ability has been purchased for a character, it'll need to be purchased again.
  • The Holocron of Outer Rim and  Piloting Space had the wrong price.  It is now 100,000.
  • Suljo Warde's Holocron also had an incorrect price.  It, too, has been fixed.
  • Added the holocron found on the "Sanctuary" from the "Lessons from the Past" adventure in the back of the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook.
  • The Mk. III Modular Backpack increased encumbrance threshold by 3.  It is now properly set to 2.
  • The Mk. IV Modular Backpack was misspelled.  It is now spelled correctly.
  • The Saber Throw (Improved) talent was incorrectly set to be an action.  It is now passive.
  • The Burly talent was lowering Cumbersome qualities, but not encumbrance.  It is now also lowering encumbrance.
  • The Tarvix adversary from the "Chronicles of the Gatekeeper" import directory had a formatting issue in its special ability.  This has been fixed.
  • Added "Powered Melee" to the available categories of the "Custom Grip" attachment.
  • Crash Gear from "Endless Vigil" had an incorrect soak value.  It is now correctly set to 1.
  • Added weapon effects to the Powerful Blast talent.  Any weapon with the Blast quality will now get a +1 to Blast, and all mines and charges will get a +1 to damage.  Items must be held or equipped to get these bonuses.
  • Changed the Armored Drop Suit vehicle's silhouette to 1.
  • The "Control: Mechanics" Force ability of Manipulate was missing the die modifier for the Mechanics skill.  If purchased, it will now show Force dice for the Mechanics dice pool.
  • The "Control: Vigilance" Force ability of Farsight was missing die modifiers for Perception and Vigilance.  If purchased, it will now show Force dice for the Perception and Vigilance dice pools.
  • The Combat Armor crafting template now has the same categories as Laminate armor.
  • Added "Bludgeoning Melee" to the categories of the Shield craft template.

New Features/Enhancements:

  • Relative data paths are now relative to the install directory instead of the install drive.  Changed Data Location dialog to reflect this change.
  • Completely restructed the way printing is done.  It should take less memory and release all used system resources when finished.
  • In Encounters in GM Tools, additional spacing has been added to gunner positions so the text isn't so close to the weapon number.
  • In Encounters in GM Tools, Force-using adversaries now support more Force abilities before the encounter becomes unprintable.
  • In Encounters in GM Tools, adversaries now support more talents before the encounter becomes unprintable.
  • In Encounters in GM Tools, current adversaries may now be reordered using drag/drop when adding an encounter.
  • In Encounters in GM Tools, when adding a roster position, the alternative name will also be displayed for the adversary.
  • In the Equipment pane of the generator, you may now transfer equipment to and from other characters that are in groups that your character belongs to.
  • In the Data Editor, you may now filter data items by both source and a name filter.
  • In Reports pane in GM Tools, modified "special" column to make the report row grow to the height of the resulting description.
  • In Reports pane in GM Tools, changed "QualitiesSpecial" for weapons to return both qualities and base mods.
  • In the Adversary dialog, custom weapon qualities had a maximum value of 10.  This has been raised to 99.
  • In the Options dialog, you may now choose to use the "alternative" calculation for melee and ranged defense.  This calculation will add up all mods and qualities that add to melee and ranged defense, rather than just use the mods from a single item that has the highest values (the latest "official" method, according to the developers).  The alternative method tends to give much higher values for ranged and melee defense, but can also be more easily abused by players.  Unchecking this value will use the "official" calculation.
  • In the Data Editor, when changing the description, you may now press control-A to select the entire description.
  • In the Data Editor, when selecting the entire description, you may now type in a new description without the base description immediately being tagged onto the end (and yes, I found this very annoying, too).  If the description is deleted completely, it will still be replaced by the original description.
  • In the generator, when printing a standard character sheet, if the character has any Conflict-inducing talents, the total number of Conflict the character must start a session with is displayed on page 2 under the Morality/Conflict panel.
  • Talent name tool tips in the Specialization pane will now include total ranks (from all specializations) for ranked talents.
  • Printing errors are now captured and displayed in the print preview dialog.

Bug Fixes:

  • The default work directory in AppData was, once again, not being created when needed.  This was due to the major changes I made in settings and data paths.  This has been fixed once again.
  • In the Data Editor, when adding a custom skill, changing the source would cause an exception.  This has been fixed.
  • In Item Attachments, when choosing a vehicle attachment that increases a defense zone, all such mods would be combined into a single selection.  You may now, once again, make individual selections for each mod.
  • In the Career pane, you could resize the columns of the career skill list.  You can no longer do this.
  • In Encounter in GM Tools, gunner roster positions were not being displayed.  This was due to the new HTML processor being a lot more picky about structure than the old IE-based web control.  Gunner positions are now displayed properly.
  • In Encounters in GM Tools, minion pips in rosters would show a destroyed ship at trauma threshold, instead of trauma threshold + 1.  This has been fixed.
  • In Encounters in GM Tools, minion ship thresholds and counts in rosters showed an ellipse instead of a circle.  This has been fixed.
  • In Encounter in GM Tools, if you created a roster, and then modified the alternative name of an adversary in the roster, the new name would not show up in the roster.  The roster will now be updated after any alternate name change.
  • In GM Tools, numeric up/down controls inside grids were using an older version of the control that requires a click outside the control before value changes take effect.  This old version has been removed and GM Tools grids are now using the proper control.  This means that value changes take effect as soon as the value of the up/down control is changed.
  • In Groups, base inventory did not support crafted items.  This caused crafted items transferred to the base to disappear.  This now works properly.
  • In the Morality pane, when changing morality, the pair grid would lose track of which pair was selected.  This caused the notes section to disappear.  This should no longer happen.
  • When changing the skin from the launcher, the change would not take affect until after the launcher was closed.  Skin changes will now take affect immediately.
  • Using GM Grants on a character with obligation or duty options would reset the options the first time GM Grants was used.  After that, it kept the setting.  This odd behavior has been resolved.
  • In the Droid Tech specialization, there should have been a line from Hidden Storage to Deft Maker on the right of the tree.  This has been fixed.
  • In the Crafting dialog, 0 encumbrance items from templates would always end up with 1 encumbrance, even if encumbrance didn't change.  Encumbrance will now only be updated if there was an actual change.
  • In the Crafting dialog, fixed a few issues with the "Two-Handed" Lightsaber craft effect.
  • In the Crafting dialog, inbuilt weapons no longer add to the encumbrance of the crafted item.
  • In the Crafting dialog, when a lightsaber is built into another piece of equipment, it's encumbrance now becomes that of the item, rather than being added to it.
  • In the Crafting dialog, when crafting a fortification, both standard weapon and custom weapon effects only allowed for a single weapon, even if the purchased count was greater than 1.  You can now properly select multiple weapons for each effect.  Weapons selected or created in this way are limited to a count of 1, but may be linked (at GM's discression).
  • The numeric up/down control in the Morality pane of the generator can now be set from 1 to 100 only.
  • When purchasing a new specialiation tree with a top-row unranked talent that has already been purchased in another tree, the talent was correctly showing up as auto-selected, but any attached talents did not become available for selecting.  This has been fixed.
  • Tool tips for talents, Force abilities, and signature abilities should now better align themselves with their tree item.
  • When creating a vehicle weapon in the custom weapon dialog, if the "Vehicle Properties" button was not clicked, vehicle properties would not be created, which caused an exception when the code attempted to access the properties.  Now, if vehicle properties are not created upon exit of the dialog, they are set to the default values.
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