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Run of Show

Before your Event:

    Read the Rules of Legends of the Galaxy

    If you have not already done so Click Here to read all of the Rules of Play for Legends of the Galaxy

    Schedule your Event

    If you have not already done so Click Here to Schedule your own Legends of the Galaxy Event in our Event Calendar

    Promote your Event

    Request permission from the store or location you are hosting your event at to hang a flyer advertising your event to potential players. Take to Social Media and share people all about the Legends of the Galaxy game you want to run. Tell your friends and family members about Legends of the Galaxy. Don't forget to post a thread in the discussion board and get to know the Legends of the Galaxy community.

    Get Ready for your Game

    The day prior to your scheduled event an Event Organizer or Game Master should print off extra Adventure Logs, Character Sheets, Cheat Sheets, and PreGen Characters for your scheduled event. Not every player who comes to a Legends of the Galaxy event can be expected to have their own supplies. So also bring Table Dice.

    Read your Adventure

    In Legends of the Galaxy, you can run any of the available adventures or write one of your own. It is important to prepare for your game by reading the adventure the Day prior and again on the morning of your Event.

At the Event:

    Arrive Early

    It is said to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is left behind. Here at Legends of the Galaxy, it is highly encouraged for Event Organizers and Game Masters to arrive at least 30min before the start of your scheduled event. This will allow you to get setup and ready for players.

    Ask where you should play

    The Stores and other venues that you run your Legends of the Galaxy games at would appreciate upon arrival that you talk with the store manager. Let them know how many people have RSVPed for your event and where they would like you to host your game. Also inquire about any specific rules that the store may have including, food policies, noise, disruptive players, etc.

    Learn to Play

    Kick off your Legends of the Galaxy Event with a Learn to Play session. This will welcome new players and teach them the basics of how to play the Star Wars Roleplaying Games; Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force & Destiny.

    Who is playing

    Assign your players to their various tables based on the characters that they bring and the PreGens they select. It is ok for players to play at tables that their character is not associated with. ie. A Force & Destiny Sentinel Shadow can play at an Age of Rebellion Table. The Game Master for each table should verify a player's filled out Adventure Logs. These logs contain great detail, special rewards, contacts, and enemies that the GM or Player can bring into the Adventure. It is important to make sure that your players have the correct Earned XP based off the Adventure Logs they bring with them.

    Run your Game

    In Legends of the Galaxy, Game Masters are encouraged to run any of the adventures sold by Fantasy Flight Games or available for download on this website. However, a Game Master can run their own homespun written adventure if they like too. In any adventure module you run, it is allowed and encouraged to expand the adventure as you see fit allowing your player's to make their own decisions. You don't have to force them into the rails of the written module.

    Disruptive Players

    If you run into a player who is being disruptive at the table the Game Master or Event Organizer can pull this player aside during a break to have a private conversation. Start by talking to the player. Sometimes a person may not recognize their behavior. Empathize with the player as they may be just having a bad day. See if they are having fun, or if they would like to switch tables. If the player continues to be disruptive the Game Master or Event Organizer has the right to ask the player to leave. It is also important that players follow the Store's rules. Players who bring outside food to an event at a Store that does not allow outside food are considered disruptive.

    Fill out the Adventure Logs

    A The Game Masters or the Players should fill out the  Adventure Logs . However, a Game Master should Initial next to any story rewards to act as proof that it was an approved reward. It is important that your player gets an Adventure Log before they leave. So be sure to fill them out completely.

    Clean up your Area

    Be kind to your Store or Venue and clean up the area. Throw away all trash, push in the chairs and leave the play area as clean or cleaner than you found it when you arrived. Be sure to thank the Store Employee's and Managers for letting you run a Legends of the Galaxy event at their location.

After the Event:

    Adventure Reporting

    Log-on to and  submit your adventure results  to The Baron. Any adventures submitted will count towards the overall story of what is happening in the Galaxy. The average result of all of the Season's games can and will affect future adventures and stories created by the Legends of the Galaxy team.

    Talk about the fun at your Table

    Go onto the Discussion Boards and chat about your table and all of the fun exploits you experienced when playing Legends of the Galaxy.

    Last but not Least Remember to always have fun and The Force will be with you, Always!

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