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Season One Story

Star wars Legends of the Galaxy allows the Game Masters to run adventures in any order they choose. In fact, you can even create your own adventures. However, if you want a recommendation on a sort order for adventures for your campaign please see below.

Age of Rebellion

In Age of Rebellion, the overarching story for season 1 of Legends of the Galaxy revolves around getting your characters to join the Rebel Alliance. In the story, our Heroes have joined a Rebel Cell sponsored by The BARON. The Baron is trying to locate a former Tapani Duke of House Pelagia. He is currently a prisoner of the Galactic Empire. Following the events around Order 66 and the planetary bombardment and attacks on House Pelagia, by rival houses Mecetti, Cadriaan, and Calipsa, the Galactic Empire got their hands on the last remaining high ranking member of House Pelagia. He too was believed lost in the attacks until a Rebel Team attacked an imperial dungeon ship bound for Kessel and rescued the son of the Duke who had intel that his father was alive. After the son refused to join the Rebel Alliance The BARON turned his attention on locating the Duke in an effort to rally the remnants of House Pelagia to join the ranks of the Rebellion. This plays well into adventures like Rescue at Glares Peak, Welcome to Onderon, Operation Shadow Point, and the Kessel Run adventures. Gaining access to detention centers or the Imperial information network can help lead to clues to where the Galactic Empire is holding the Duke. This will all lead up to the rescue of the Duke by the Rebel Alliance at the end of Season 1 in a future special event.  Other threads in Age of Rebellion include the fact that the Empire is still mining for massive Kyber Crystals to use in the 2nd Death Star's construction.  This plays well into adventures like Perlemian Haul, and an Operation Shadow Point Kyber Crystal expanded adventure.  Lastly, the Rebel Alliance is looking for a new home after it evacuated the base on Yavin IV.  All of these are elements that play into Season 1 of Legends of the Galaxy. 

Edge of the Empire 

In Edge of the Empire, the overarching story for season 1 of Legends of the Galaxy revolves around a Hutt Turf War.  The Baron attended a Gundark Hunt on Vanqor where he insulted Muraga the Hutt of the Vermilic Kajidic and brought embarrassment to the Hutt Clan.  Muraga wanted to try to save face so he attacked an Imperial Supply convoy being transported by the Jiramma Hutt Kajidic.  This resulted in a feud between the Hutt clans.  Their feud spilled over when the BARON made an deal with Gorensla Kajidic to support his Rebel Alliance cells.  Now the Galactic Civil war was influencing politics.  To make matters worse Teemo the Hutt was looking to make a power grab against his uncle Jabba the Hutt.  This strife in the Desilijic Kajidic lead to Teemo delving into secret droid army production.  This gained the eye of Sinasu the Hutt or Gorensla Kajidic who, despite being in conflict with Noako of the Jiramma Kajidic, began spying on Teemo the Hutt and encroaching on Jabba's territory.  This all leads up to the events in Long Arm of the Hutt & Crates of Kyrats.  A great way to tie the PCs to all of this is in Trouble Brewing having them capture Bandin Dobah who is funded by Teemo the Hutt.  Teemo wants revenge and captures our HEROES and forces them to escape and flee Mos Shuutaa.  This leads them into Crates of Krayts.  By the end of that module our Heroes are on Tatooine and recruited by Sinasu for their involvement in taking out Teemo.  This results in them getting entwined in Sinasu's conflict with Noako the Hutt in Crates of Kraytes.  Only to end with our Heroes lying low with fellow Gorensla Kajidic member Bargos the Hutt.  This causes the Heroes to owe him favor for access to his safe house and forces our Heroes into the Debts to pay adventure and later the Kessel Run 3 part adventure.  When the power vacuum of Teemo's vanishes and the possibility of conflict within the powerful Desilijic Kajidic the Hutt turf war breaks out into full open conflict.  This is only leads to open conflict between Gorensla who supports the Rebellion and Jiramma who supports the Galactic Empire.  Then the Qunaalac Kajidic gets involved with the Hutt Defense Fleet to try and calm the conflict growing in Hutt Space.  Other Hutt Clans work to fund and support all sides looking to profit and gain during the conflict of the Hutts.  Eventually our Heroes may choose to flee the Hutt Turf War to take on other jobs like Under a Black Sun, Beyond the Rim, Mask of the Pirate Queen, and Jewel of Yavin.   However when Kaltho the Hutt of the Vanderijar Kajidic discovers the Heroes are in Bespin word gets out and it is not long before those who want revenge for the Heroes involvement in the Hutt Turf War come and drag our Heroes back into the conflict for the epic finally of the Hutt Turf War. GMs are encouraged to create adventures based on this theme and using the adventure hooks found in the Lords of Nal Hutta book.

Force & Destiny

In Force and Destiny, the overarching story for season 1 of Legends of the Galaxy revolves around the Church of the Force and the struggles they face after the events of Star Wars Rogue One on Jedah.  The Church of the Force is searching the Galaxy for a new home and trying to locate any remaining Force Traditions or Force Sensitive individuals.  They secretly are gathering as much lost lore as they can in an effort to restore the Jedi Order and bring balance to the Force.  These goals align with those of The BARON.  The BARON has allied himself with The Church of the Force in an effort to help them locate force knowledge and find those attuned to using the Force.  The difference in the two groups goals are that The BARON wishes to see the Baran Do Sage Order be restored as well.  In Season 1 you find yourself delving into lost temples and exploring the mysteries of The Force.

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Baroon Saa
Baroon Saa