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Special Thanks

Often in this world people do not express enough gratitude to those who have touched our lives and given so much to us in little ways that together helps make us whole. In any game there are hundreds of people who have worked tiredly for hours on end to create amazing products and tools that we take all too for granted. Well Legends of the Galaxy does not want to count themselves among those who do not give Thanks and Praise. Legends of the Galaxy wants to give a SPECIAL THANKS! to those who have helped create tools, artwork, guides, adventures and more that we have assembled and used for play here at Legends of the Galaxy.

The Creators of Star Wars


The Creators of Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, & Force and Destiny



Character Generators

Cheat Sheets


Mikayla Donaldson

Online Game Tools

Star Wars Opening Crawl Creator


Hobby Shops

Helpful Star Wars Info

Website Host Co.



Special Thanks to those who have helped along the way!


George Lucas, Leland Chee, Pablo Hidalgo, Simone Elliott, David Johnson, Sam Stewart, Sterling Hershey, Jay Little, Andrew Fischer, Max Brooke, Tim Flanders, Dave Allen, Chris Gerber, Andrea Dee,  Peter Townley, Brad Knowles, Joel Robinson, Dash Star Wars, Jordan Goldfarb, Daniel Lovat Clark, Chris Gerber, Susan White, Ross Rockafellow, Dick Robertson, John Montgomery, Rose Montgomery, Soni Montgomery, and Celine Stanislaw

Game Masters

Eric Anderson, Jim Mickelson, Josh Loe, Crystal Diamond, Joe Heinz, David Strauss, Cody Doolittle, Jason Kim, Brian Martin, Zach Benson, Elliot Schield, Justin "JJ" Virnila, Paul Pickles, Nick Frost, and Jimmy Golombecki 


Cynthia Montgomery,  Will Fletcher, Wesley Halvorsen, Nate Christen, Kaitlyn Anderson, Omari Brooks, Adam Holler, Steve Trapp, Dave Salzer, Will Isley, Mark Montgomery, Malea Mochinski, Troy Small, Phil Walpole, Adrienne Pennegrass, Mila Golombecki, Mike Schnieder, DJ Aseere, David Grover, Nathan Rowe, Bryan Rindo, Tracy Karjala, Tymm Brown, Brice Staeheli, Chad DeBruzzi, Craig Dolney, Daren Walz, Steve Winter, Dennis Walter, Dylan Olson, Kevin Van, Loren Johnson, Matt Hubert, Nate Hewett, John Bellrichard, and so many others... 

Thank you all for so much love, encouragement, advice, and guidance along the way. Legends of the Galaxy could not exist without you.

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Baroon Saa
Baroon Saa