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Legends of the Galaxy Story

Legends of the Galaxy is breaking the story down in Seasons. Each May the 4th will trigger the start of a new story and a new theme. When a new season begins the GMs are still welcome to run adventures from the past season. However, the story events from that season will be locked into place as an official story for the season will be posted on the website. GMs, are not required to follow the adventure order listed in the Seasons below. They are also free to write their own adventures that follow the theme for the Season. See Below for information on each season of Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy Community Driven Roleplaying Experience.

The Story of the BARON

Mere weeks after the destruction of the first Death Star, in the time of the Galactic Civil War, the galaxy saw the rise of a mysterious mastermind known only as The Baron. His story began when he was but a pageboy of the Kel Dor Force tradition known as the Baran Do Sages. It was foreseen by the seers of old that this man would be responsible for restoring the Baran Do Sage order after its destruction at the hands of the Galactic Empire.

Starting as nothing more than a mere pageboy in the remote reaches of the Outer Rim, the Baron was driven to seek three things: wealth, influence, and knowledge. He began building up an intelligence network, evolving into a criminal empire to rival the Hutts and indeed, he made enemies of the Hutt Cartels. Some say it was the Baron who incited the Hutt Turf War.

Using his carefully constructed intelligence network, the Baron was able to track the activities and behaviors of all the powers in the galaxy. He hoped to make good use of this capability, predicting the future actions of major factions.

The Baron’s great wealth also allowed him to support other enterprises that caught his eye, notably the Church of the Force. By supporting Lor San Tekka and the Church, the Baron’s goal was to identify and protect force-sensitive individuals, shielding them from the wrath of the Empire and helping them nurture and develop their gift to restore the destroyed Baran Do Sages. The Baron also hoped the Church would locate the few remaining Baran Do Sages, most of whom vanished after Order 66, to preserve the knowledge of their venerable tradition.

The wealth of the Baron also funded a Rebel Cell, to whom the Baron fed valuable intelligence. His support of the Rebel cause stemmed from his deep desire for revenge against the Galactic Empire, who destroyed the Baran Do Sages.

It is the Baron who binds all our heroes in the same shared story, across countless Acts played all over the world. As the story develops and grows over time, new factions may also enter the scene, providing further depth and intrigue to the already rich lore of the Star Wars galaxy.

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How to use THE BARON

The Baron is a Kel Dor who all players begin play with as a contact. The Baron speaks in a deep but crackling voice that is slowed to make it sound poetic holding the cue on the phrase to it's up-most intrigue. He chooses eloquent words and prefers to always be 10 steps ahead of everyone. He manipulates and controls all encounters having fully done his research before walking into any situation. The Baron always knows more about you than you know of him. When you expect him to go left he goes right. When you expect him to stop he sidesteps. He uses mystery and intrigue to his advantage. He spreads rumors and lies and ensures other believe him. He always has a plan and rarely shares the full extend of it with others. Despite all of this, The Baron is not a villain.

The Baron has created a buzz about him. Many claim to know him to try to get ahead. It is through the rumor mill and fine manipulation that he himself has used to get ahead. Always pulling the strings to control the outcome to his desire. He has become the very thing he opposes in an effort to blend in and from the shadows use his powers for change. His end goals are the destruction of the Galactic Empire and the Restoration of the Baran Do Sage Force Tradition. The Baron rarely deals in violence but instead political intrigue. His allies include, The Rebel Alliance, The Church of the Force, Sinasu the Hutt, and most importantly, himself.

Using the Baron in your Legends of the Galaxy Adventures is simple. He is often the one who holds the keys and connections that set our HEROES on their Adventures. He can be called upon for assistance in gaining intelligence. However he is not always available and loves to speak in riddle giving the PCs just enough info to be helpful but not enough to spoil surprise. If your character is Force Sensitive he desires to see you develop your force powers in the precognitive abilities as it is in alignment with the Baran Do Sage Tradition. If you are a member of the Rebel Alliance he is a financial benefactor and source for intel. If you are traveling in the depths of the underworld you are an agent of his Secret Intelligence Cabal doing jobs that he seeks without often full understanding the true outcome other than you are doing what is right for the Galaxy.

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