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Legends of the Galaxy Story

Legends of the Galaxy is breaking the story down in Seasons.  Each May the 4th will trigger the start of a new story and a new theme.  When a new season begins the GMs are still welcome to run adventures from the past season.  However, the story events from that season will be locked into place as an official story for the season will be posted on the website.  GMs, are not required to follow the adventure order listed in the Seasons below.  They are also free to write their own adventures that follow the theme for the Season.  See Below for information on each season of Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy Community Driven Roleplaying Experience.

Season 1

Season 1 Story Here

Season 2

Season 2 Story Here

Season 3

Coming soon on May 4th, 2018....
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Baroon Saa
Baroon Saa